The photo and information website of Distraction, an Olson 911s, hull #20, a 30' MORC design by Carl Schumacher
Built by Pacific Boats, Santa Cruz, CA, in 1987
PHRF 120,  US sail #15799
Owners:  Don Laverty & Valorie McClelland, San Diego, CA

Regarding the boat name:  when Valorie and I bought her, I lived and worked in L.A.
The boat, (named Panache at the time), was renamed to Distraction, as she and Valorie resided in San Diego

the boat the crew the dream
 7 months in Mexico
crew info the other "distraction" 

Off the Baja coast, San Diego to Ensenada race, October 2017 is a website containing memorable photos useful information about our Olson 911s,
 for racing crewmembers and daysailing & cruising guests
Don and Valorie