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Area NOAA forecast  

Sailflow wind forecast modeling

 A good bay webcam

Know your sailboat parts terminology, and racing will be easier

Or just go by the drawing below

If you desire to effectively trim the spin, read this several times:
A great article on spinnaker trimming

Also a great article on mainsail trim/shaping

Safety info:

Distraction's main cabin salon

Munchies to port, safety equipment to starboard
Battery master switch to port above floor (& below settee)
Coastal liferaft stowed on starboard settee,
 in the cubby under the chart table (when carried on board)
A Fire Extinguisher is mounted above the port settee, just ahead of the galley.
A second one is in the cockpit starboard Lazzarette.


The anchor, chain, and rode are in the port Lazzarette
On the Newport to Ensenada race, there will be two anchors
(Fenders may be covering the anchors from view)

Setting the prop
We want the prop folded while sailing, so we need to clock the shaft to the proper position after shutting down the engine

If we don't clock the shaft, we could have this condition, which will slow us down and catch kelp
Prop shaft access is under the quarterberth,
for setting the prop
Lift up the cushion and remove the hatch If the shaft is turning grab it by the silver metal collar (with gloves on), stop it, and turn it so the white line is at 12 o'clock.
Yell "prop set" to the helmsman.

(Do not grab the spinning shaft,
 as you will remove the white paint line)


Running rigging
Lines to memorize:
All the halyards are in clutches.
On the cabin top, the port side clutches control the port spin halyard, and main halyard (spin halyard on outside).
The red line is the foreguy, and can be worked from both cabin sides

The starboard side clutches control the starboard spin halyard, and jib halyard (spin halyard on outside).
The blue and yellow line is the topping lift for the spin pole.
The red line is the foreguy
The guys and sheets for the spin are pre-rigged like this, clipped to the upper lifeline at the stachion

Inshore we run singles, offshore (or heavy air days) we run doubles.
Spin sheet (blue) and guy (white w/blue flecks) pre-rigged at bow for an assumed starboard tack set Guy at block w/slip knot Sheet at block w/slip knot is a website containing information about our Olson 911s, for racing crewmembers and daysailing & cruising guests
Don and Valorie