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2017 Beer Can race #10 crew
Valorie, Don, Brett, Renee, Taylor, Kelly, Luis

2016 Beer Can race #1 Crew
Ivan, Mark, Tom, Jacob, Brian, Brett, Renee, Kelly, Joe, (not shown: Don)

On the rail: Jacob, Mark, Marc, Joe, Tom, in the cockpit: Josh, Renee, Ivan, Don
Val below doing spin-pack

2015 Beer Can, Summer Series, and Sharp Charity Race crew
Josh, Val, Joe, Jacob, Don, Marc, Tom, Ivan, Renee, Mark

2014 Beer Can crew for race #10
Tom, Josh, Mark, David, Brion, and Brett

Tom, Don, and Jacob  
(A few years ago)

Marty, Don, Jenna, Valorie, Tom, Jacob
(a few years ago)

the 2013 Mexico race crew
Kathy, Don, Jacob, Valorie, Tom

2012 Beer Can crew
Jacob, John, Jeff, Jason, Tom, Don is a website containing information about our Olson 911s, for racing crewmembers and daysailing & cruising guests
Don and Valorie