Up into "The Sea"
(fall 2012)

The proper permits in hand for the Islands.
(These yearly permits are good for all Mexico's National Parks)

Bonanza Anchorage
Isla Espiritu Santo.  Late November.
10' of 80 degree water under Distraction

Sunrise over Isle Cerralvo Famous mushroom rock at
Playa Balandra

A perfect upwind sailing day

Kyle Kyle, enjoying his latest acquisition

Partida seasonal fishing village, shuttered for the winter. Park signage near Partida fishing village
Typical landscape scene, during a hike near Bonanza

Dinner on Distraction: Don, Kyle, Jackie.
Enjoying our last bottle of wine with a great grilled chicken, beans, and veggie dinner.
Birds at Partida
Returning from an Estuary exploration in the dinghy.  (Distraction is anchored at the mouth of Isle San Jose Estuary.)  The mysterious Isla Cayo (as described by Steinbeck in the Log from the Sea of Cortez) is seen a mile ahead and to the left.

Kyle , Jackie, and Manuel on Isle Coyote.  Manuel gave us a tour and told us he has lived on Isle Coyote all his life.  The ability to have conversation with the locals (Jackie and Kyle speak fluent Spanish) was a great asset to Distraction's Sea of Cortez adventures to the local fish camps and villages.
Isle Coyote.  A working year round fish camp and village.  The shallow sea around this patch of rock was like an aquarium. San Evaristo village, on the Baja peninsula side, abeam Isla San Jose.  

San Evaristo scene.  A faithful dog awaits a returning family member from the sea.
The Tienda at San Evaristo
December 4th. Isle San Jose channel.  A downwind run on a windy day.  Estimated 30 knts. wind.  We have reached our Northern-most Sea of Cortez fall turnaround point and are headed back to La Paz, to provision for the Southern crossing to Mazatlan for Christmas.
The beautiful anchorage at Isla San Francisco Whale bones on Isle Coyote
Another sunrise

Jackie at Restaurant 1535 at Bahia de los Muertos.
A great, remote place for food and drinks.
Our last stop (December 11) before going across the sea to Mazatlan for Christmas.
Historical mine railway location (marked by rocks)
leading to the ruins of a stoarge depot and loading dock
at Bahia de los Muertos
The beach at Bahia de los Muertos.
The water is 75 degrees now, the air temp. in the 60s.
Time to move South, but we will miss the clear waters and pristine remote islands and beaches of the Sea.

A last picture of the clear water at Bahia de los Muertos
(11 ft. under the boat)
And a last swim before leaving for Mazatlan
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Don and Valorie