Restoration and improvement projects
on the Poway Adobe Home


 Summer 2014
Engineered expansion joints added in courtyard.
Broken Satillo tiles replaced, loose tiles reset


Winter 2015
Plastic tub/shower enclosure in guest bathroom replaced with Mexican Talavera tile

Weathered adobe steps on West side of house Satillo tiled

Summer 2015

Front door landing and planter re-tiled with Mexican Talavera accent tile

(plain terracotta tile removed)

Rotted redwood and glass deck rail replaced with properly flashed rustic treated-wood deck rail,

with hot galvanized cable and hardware

Fall 2015

Mexican Talavera tile added to bricked-in courtyard window

(The other side of this feature frames the master bedroom's bed headboard)

Winter 2016

Waterwise garden, Baja cresta red-rock edging, and compacted decomposed granite pathway

added in West yard.  

(turf replacement)

Landscaping and sprinklers moved away from adobe retaining wall.

Summer 2016

West retaining wall and steps coated with "Mission style adobe plaster"
(Modern materials were used, and custom accent tiles were added)

Plastering the steps was like icing a six layer chocolate cake

21 custom tiles by a local Escondido Artist adorn the wall,

depicting all the wild animals seen in our yard

tiles set on the scratch coat

The before pictures, showing slow erosion of bricks from previous

owner's sprinklers spray on wall and steps

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